5 Advantages of the Solar Hybrid System

Significant changes to our planet due to human impact are apparent. The burning of fossil fuels, dumping of rubbish and deforestation (among other factors), all contribute towards these negative changes. Luckily, many individuals and businesses alike are becoming increasingly aware of the need to take measures so that the environmental impact of their actions are reduced.

One such measure is, where possible, the substitution of non-renewable fuel for renewable energy sources. Solar power is a renewable energy source which most people are familiar with, and the technology surrounding the harvest and use of solar power has significantly advanced over the past several years.

INNOV8 Equipment are dedicated to bringing practical and sustainable solutions to the Australian Market. Two key products in the INNOV8 Equipment range utilize the latest in solar energy technology, but only the lighting towers are a true solar hybrid system.


Advantages of the Solar Hybrid System


1.Environmental benefits

Using the renewable energy of the sun, solar power is a sustainable and green powered alternative to using other fuel types. Solar Hybrid Lighting Towers are a unique system that operate predominately using solar power.

While any action has some level of impact on the environment around us, simple equipment substitutes can help make a difference. Using a Solar Hybrid Lighting Tower as opposed to a fuel only system will help to lower emissions into the atmosphere and make any project more ‘green’.


2. Cheaper to maintain

People usually tend to think about solar power only as an environmentally friendly solution. However, the benefits go beyond environmental and can lead to overall savings.

With power predominately generated by the sun’s renewable energy, the solar hybrid lighting tower consumes significantly less fuel, resulting in less fuel expenses. It uses around 0.8L of diesel per day, and only if the engine runs. This also helps to reduce labor costs as the need for maintenance becomes less frequent.


3. Reduce noise

In addition to lowering air pollution, the solar hybrid lighting tower operates near silently when running on battery power. The noise level at a 7m radius has been measured at 0dBA.

Reduced noise pollution, particularly in an urban environment, is a benefit to everyone in the proximity of the lighting tower.


4. Highly efficient and effective

You know you will have reliable power with the solar hybrid system. If for some reason the solar batteries have not had an opportunity to charge, the backup diesel generator will actively charge the unit, so that the lighting tower can still operate at full capacity.

Producing 60,000 lumens of useable light from a 350W solar battery, a white light (not a yellow halogen) helps to promote productivity from your workers. The solar hybrid lighting tower also features a Photocell Daylight Sensor for an automatic on/off response.


5. Portable and easy to use

Trailer mounted and featuring two front, and two back outriggers and leveling jacks, the solar hybrid lighting towers are portable and easy to use. Single units or a fleet can be controlled remotely through wireless connection, and GPS tracking ensures you can locate your units when you need to.


Quiet and reliable, economical and robust, the INNOV8 Equipment Solar Hybrid Lighting Towers are the only version of their kind in Australia.


Invest in the future. Contact INNOV8 Equipment to learn more about our solar powered product range. Email –   sales@www.innov8equipment.com.au