Blade Truck Mounted Attenuator


The VERDEGRO BLADE TMA is the world’s highest safety level truck mounted attenuator. It passed the MASH test and provides the highest safety level available for MASH TMA’s. With 12 blades, extra crash length and a unique construction, we are proud to say that we have the Number 1 MASH passed TMA in the world.

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INNOV8 Equipment’s Blade TMA is a lightweight laser cut aluminium truck mounted attenuator. The Blade TMA has extra crash length for absorbing a crash of the heaviest trucks in the industry. With a full CAN-bus controlled system the Blade TMA is easy to operate.

The patented BLADE TMA is full scale crash tested according to MASH 2009/2016 at the Texas Transportation Institute (TTI), with unbelievable test results!

All the ride down values were within the preferred values (MASH preferred a Longitudinal ridedown of 15.0g with a maximum of 20.49g)

The Blade TMA is the Highest Safety level you can get!

BLADE TMA Crash On Australian Highway

The video below shows the BLADE TMA impacted on a highway in Australia at a speed of between 90-100kph. The BLADE TMA didn’t move which makes it more impressive from a build point of view. The driver and TMA operator were unharmed in the impact and the driver got out of the vehicle herself as did the TMA operator, who came to her assistance. This is a great result with no injuries or deaths! It’s about saving lives !




Blade Truck Mounted Attenuator

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