Cone Trucks

Cone Truck 

Make setting up your jobsite more efficient with a well-equipped drop deck cone truck. It can be a tedious task to set up and put away multiple cones, but with a truck built specifically to suit your needs this task becomes less of a hassle.

INNOV8 Equipment supplies a full turnkey package item from the host vehicle with standard safety accessories and fitting, and a comprehensive list of customizable accessories to suit your needs and budget.

Our Cone Trucks come equipped with sign cages, full colour LED VMS boards with easy to use software, RMS Approved arrow boards, multiple cameras, battery isolation and external emergency stop, two drop wells in the rear for easy use.

Product Information

  • A variety of sign cages, cone and bollard trucks to suit any budget
  • Battery isolation and external emergency stop
  • Multiple cameras
  • Full colour LED VMS boards
  • Can be fitted with an LTMA for extra protection for road workers
  • Drop wells can be configured to customer requirements
  • Custom or standard build

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Cone Trucks

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