Roadworks are essential for building better quality roads to improve the safety of all road users. However, with major projects such as the Northern Road Upgrade underway, it is necessary to look at the risks associated with night roadworks. Night roadworks are inherently more dangerous, highlighting the importance of utilizing traffic management equipment and vehicles.

What are the key night roadwork safety issues and how to resolve them?

Reduced Visibility

A key issue of night roadworks is the reduced visibility, whereby there are dangers to both motorists and workers. For motorists, roadworks must be visible so that they can be aware of construction, allowing them to be alerted of construction workers movements and change speed accordingly. For workers, they must be able to see and effectively operate machinery while being protected from road dangers.

The INNOV8 Equipment Solution is Solar Hybrid Lighting Towers.

Solar Hybrid Lighting Towers harvest the sun’s renewable energy to produce near-daylight-illumination that can ensure site safety for workers and motorists. Reducing air and noise pollution, the Lighting Towers’ strong LED lights illuminate up to 20 metres and operates near silently. A great feature of the Solar Hybrid Lighting Towers is its consistent performance in all weather conditions, making it a reliable piece of equipment to add to your traffic management fleet.

Changed Traffic Conditions

Night roadworks can create dangers to workers and road users when there is a change in traffic conditions. The best way to protect all parties is to notify road users of closed lanes, changed speed limits and changed road conditions.

The INNOV8 Equipment Solution is Variable Message Sign (VMS) Boards.

VMS Boards offer exceptional display performance and superior screen resolution, allowing for important messages to be displayed in high definition. Trailer mounted and solar powered, the VMS Boards are easy to operate and can be programmed remotely. This allows for quick updates to be made in the case of changed traffic conditions.

Errant Vehicle Intrusion

Every worksite must take precautions to prevent crashes, with vehicle intrusion by errant vehicles posing threats to safety of all parties. It is for this reason that traffic management equipment must be put in place to act as a last line of defense between traffic and site workers.

The INNOV8 Equipment Solution is TMA Vehicles.

In the INNOV8 Equipment product range, we offer the Blade Truck Mounted Attenuator and Light Truck Mounted Attenuator. For large scale projects, the MASH Approved Blade TMA is the complete package of safety, worker protection and driver comfort. Absorbing crashes up to 100km/hr, it has been MASH tested with a Roll Ahead Distance of 7.6m. For smaller scale roadworks, the Light Truck Mounted Attenuator’s unique and lightweight design can absorb crashes at speeds of up to 70km/hr.

INNOV8 Equipment is dedicated to providing our customers with innovative traffic management equipment that provides the utmost safety for both workers and motorists. We are passionate about road safety and will always ensure that your equipment is fully compliant.

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