Light Truck Mounted Attenuator


The Innov8 Light Truck Mounted Attenuator (LTMA) is for vehicles up to 3.5 tons that are used daily during road works. The unique and light design of the LTMA makes it possible to use it on all sort of roads, even on highways!

The INNOV8 Equipment LTMA is a crash absorber consisting of a hydraulic lifting frame with a 70KM/h crash cushion tested in accordance with NCHRP-350 TL-2 (2-50 / 2-51).

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Key Points:

  • The Innov8 Equipment Light Truck Mounted Attenuator (LTMA) and is used as an Impact Protection Vehicle (IPV)
  • The standard LTMA consists of and constructed from Aluminium (crash cushion) with specially made energy absorbing bars and a galvanized steel support structure
  • The LTMA is fully tested according to NCHRP-350 TL-2 (70 km/h) standard
  • Only to be used on low speed roads under 70km/h, ideal for use by Local Councils, Civil Infrastructure and Road Maintenance Workers as an extra level of protection
  • Ideal for use on Light Load Limit Roads, that are used daily during road works on short and long term projects
  • The unique and light design of the LTMA makes it possible to use it daily on all sort of roads
  • INNOV8 Equipment supplies a full turn key package item from the host vehicle with standard safety accessories and fittings,and a comprehensive list of customisable accessories to suit the needs and budget you the customer


Light Truck Mounted Attenuator

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