INNOV8 SentriGate

INNOV8 SentriGate

A light weight and portable boom gate that can be controlled remotely, keeping your workers out of live traffic.

The SentriGate provides the ability to have multiple gates paired in use at an intersection, remotely controlled from up to 120m away.

The SentriGate was created with safety and functionality being the foremost focus bringing us one step closer to zero harm.


  • Solar powered, meaning no hard wiring.
  • The wireless SentriGate can be easily relocated due to its lightweight materials.
  • Ability to operate in a safe location with a range of up to 120m.
  • Operate up to 3 gates with a single remote.
  • Each gate arm is 3m long, and can pair with additional gate to cover an area of 6m.
  • Opens in 3.5 seconds.

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INNOV8 SentriGate

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