Solar Hybrid Light Tower

Solar Hybrid Lighting Towers

Introducing the Solar Hybrid Light Tower (LLTT600H) to Australia. Utilising the latest in solar technology, the solar hybrid system ensures reliable and consistent performance in all weather conditions. In addition, strong LED lights illuminate up to 20 metres and the light tower operates near silently.

Simple to set up and operate, these portable Solar Hybrid Lighting Towers are suitable for use across a range of industries including civil, mining, construction, events, plus many more! Trailer mounted and extendable up to 9m, the 350W solar power system lowers fossil fuel consumption and helps to reduce air and noise pollution. Quiet, economical and reliable, they are ideal for built up inner and outer urban residential areas as well as remote locations such as mine camps.

Primarily solar powered, the generator on the Solar Hybrid Light Tower will only run if it’s necessary to charge the battery and then automatically switch off once it’s been charged. The unit uses approximately 0.8L of fuel per 10 hour shift, significantly less than a regular diesel light tower.

Save on fuel expenses and maintenance costs, plus control individual units or the entire fleet remotely. Anywhere you need to bring daylight to the night, INNOV8 Equipment will be there.

Check out the video of the LLTT600H Solar Hybrid Lighting Towers being used for the shooting of the Volkswagen Wagon Amarok TV commercial.

Product Information

  • A true solar hybrid system – will run for up to 10 hours on battery power
  • 350W Solar Power System
  • Trailer mounted and extendable up to 9 meters
  • Provides 60,000 usable lumens of light
  • VisionX Pitmaster LED light unit has a 70,000 hour LED lifespan
  • Single or multiple towers can be accessed and controlled remotely
  • Emergency stop button and lockable battery and starter isolator
  • GPS tracking and geofencing


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Solar Hybrid Light Tower

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