Solar Hybrid Light Tower


A NEW DAWN FOR EFFICIENT LED LIGHTING. Silent and relatively maintenance-free, INNOV8 Equipment introduces the most advanced portable solar hybrid lighting tower available on the market. Quiet. Economical, Reliable, Robust. And better for the environment.

Watch the below video of the VW Amarok TV commercial using the help of 22 x LLTT600H solar lighting towers. The LLTT600H was chosen because it emitted no noise and pollution whilst running on solar, instant white LED light (not yellow halogen), 5 minute quick start up, it is smaller compared to competing brands which made it easier to move around, and has auto setup.

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These rugged, solar hybrid lighting towers will run for up to 10 hours on battery power and provide 60,000 usable lumens of light.

Imagine being able to reduce your noise and environmental pollution for built up inner and outer urban residential areas as well as remote locations such as mine camps.

The VisionX Pitmaster LED light unit has a 70,000 hour LED lifespan, which means you, will never have to replace a light bulb again.

INNOV8Webnet provides a remote control and monitoring system for the LLTT600H LED Lighting Tower. Single or multiple lighting towers can be accessed and controlled via Laptop, PC, Smart Phone or Tablet devices. The key benefits of having telemetry are, reduced site visits and labor/maintenance costs, fault analysis, fuel management, GPS tracking and geofencing.

INNOV8 Equipment lighting towers will save you money in reduced fuel consumption, maintenance and labor costs while providing near-daylight-illumination that will increase safety and improve efficiency and profitability to any project.

Anywhere you need to bring daylight to the night, INNOV8 Equipment will be there.


Solar Hybrid Light Tower

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