What’s the benefit of a 25mm pixel pitch on a C Size VMS Board?

While it’s important to have a large screen size so that you’re noticed by your audience, it’s also important to consider how visible your message will appear on screen. This is where pixel pitch becomes important.

Pixel pitch refers to the size and closeness of the globes which make up the screen of a VMS Board. As screen size increases you may begin to lose clarity or sharpness of the text you’re trying to display as the globes are spaced further apart. The larger the pixel size, the worse the image quality will appear from a distance. The smaller and closer the globes are, the clearer the image will appear.

While other C Size VMS boards have a pixel pitch of 50mm, INNOV8 Equipment C Size VMS Boards now come with a pixel pitch of 25mm! In addition, the innovative design of SMD with optical lens provides excellent readability, high energy efficiency and outstanding LED luminosity for continuous 24/7 operation under solar power.

The trailer mounted C Size VMS Board from INNOV8 Equipment has a display area measuring 1400mm (H) x 2400 (W). The robust and durable galvanised steel frame construction is designed to withstand the tough elements of the Australian outdoors.

For superior screen resolution and high display performance, chose the C Size VMS board from INNOV8 Equipment with a pixel pitch of 25mm.

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