Full Colour VMS Boards For Sale

INNOV8 Equipment VMS Boards offer high display performance and superior screen resolution. The high luminance and contrast ratios reduce negative glare, making messages dynamic and noticeable, even in daylight. Trailer mounted and solar powered, the energy is stored to maintenance-free batteries making these VMS boards practical, environmentally friendly and easy to use.

The VMS Boards are easy to operate and can be programmed remotely. This allows for quick updates to be made in the case of changed conditions. Every INNOV8 Equipment VMS trailer comes with AGD Radar as standard. Data analysis is available.

Our VMS boards are built to meet Australian standards AS4852.2-2009.

Government, Government Departments, Councils, Emergency Services.

In response to COVID-19, keep citizens informed of updates with a VMS Board. Whether this be to display community area and beach closures, travel restrictions or social distancing procedures, the high-quality picture on our VMS Boards will communicate key messages.

Retail and Business Use

Our Full Colour LED VMS Boards offer superior screen resolution to display key information to audiences. Whether it be for varied opening hours, promotions and specials or a change in business operations, ensure your customers are well informed with a VMS Board.

The remote programming options are suited to retail use, as changes to messages can be made promptly.

Roadwork and Construction

Roadworks and construction sites can create dangers to workers and road users when there is a change in traffic conditions. The best way to protect all parties is to notify road users of closed lanes, changed speed limits and changed road conditions.